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NEWS: Bonecarver announce “Unholy Dissolution”!

Spanish Deathcore brutes Bonecarver have assembled an all star cast for their next burnt offering “Unholy Dissolution“. Unique Leader Records will distribute the EP on 31st May with “Purgatory’s Embrace” featuring none other than Alan Grnja of Distant making his presence felt. It all makes perfect sense with 2024 marking a decade of destruction from the

Review: “Drowning” by Indevth

“Nothing is permanent, there is only agony in the end” was the bleak tagline that accompanied the debut album “Cold” from Nu-Metalcore outfit Indevth back in 2021. The band had inked a deal with Famined Records for the release and issued no less than four pre-release singles as they created a blueprint for world domination

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life bring back the incantation!

Having streamed the track seven days and seven deadly sins ago, reborn Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have now offered up an music video for the lethal dose of American hatred that is “Broken Glass Incantation”. It’s another from their 9th February via Unique Leader Records dropping on your head like the

NEWS The Last Ten Seconds Of Life offer “Broken Glass Incantation”!

…with pre-orders available over at bandcamp a new album from reborn Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life is set for 9th February via Unique Leader Records. Titled “No Name Graves” it features an unholy trinity of guest vocal appearances with Ricky Myers of Suffocation, Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg all lending their throats while

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life count the sum of their fears?

What do Ricky Myers of Suffocation, Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg have in common? They’ve all lent their throats to “No Name Graves“, a new album from Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, that’s what. You’ll be able to get your greasy paws on the Grave

NEWS: Chains Of Agony premier “Imperium”!

A five year prison sentence after their debut EP “Ephemeral Existence” finds the return of Seville Spain Deathcore collective Chains Of Agony with a debut full length album. The papers have been signed for a January 2024 release for “Imperium“, an eight track affair with two notable guest appearances. The first of those is from

NEWS: Crystal Lake are reborn…

A new era has begun for Japanese Metalcore merchants Crystal Lake as they have not only unveiled a twin track single “Denial/Rebirth” but also premiered a music video for “Rebirth“. Back in September the band parted ways with vocalist Ryo Kinoshita and after what can only be described as a rigorous search, they recruited former

Bootleg: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life in Lakewood Ohio!

Soon to be upon our shores as part of the European leg of the Unique Leader Records label tour alongside South African Deathcore brutes Vulvodynia, Bound In Fear and  Bonecarver, a pro-shot full set from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life courtesy of Leo Sypniewski is just what the doctor ordered to get us warmed