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NEWS: Polaris fly close to the sun…

Joining the recent trend for collaborations from bands signed to SharpTone Records, PhaseOne and Polaris have joined forces to create a cut called “Icarus” that fuses Dubstep to Metal like bone to adamantium. Its the first new material from the Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit since their album “The Death Of Me” and finds them in

Bootleg: Polaris at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio!

It’s not Santa Claus who’s coming to town this year but Australian Progressive Metalcore heavyweights Polaris. They’ll be landing upon our shores with Gravemind, Alpha Wolf and Stepson so we can give their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” the respect it deserves having been released immediately prior to two years with no shows. That

NEWS: Polaris share the heart of the moment?

Capturing an incredible audience at Reunion Park in Melbourne on 4th March, Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris have shared a music video for “All Of This Is Fleeting” from their sophomore album “The Death Of Me“. That reached it’s second anniversary back in February and the band have a wealth of touring plans to make

Playthrough: “Disdain” from Joshua Travis!

Hot on the heels of his debut EP “No Rest” which sees Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis joined by a wealth of guests including members of Crystal Lake, Fit For A King and for this playthrough video for “Disdain” by Jake Steinhauser and Jamie Hails of Polaris. What’s more, confirming there is no rest for the wicked,

Bootleg: “Creatures Of Habit” & “Consume” from Polaris!

Also filmed at The Rock Box in San Antonio Texas on 15th March as Polaris tear up the road stateside with Alpha Wolf, Invent Animate and Like Moths To Flames, here’s “Creatures Of Habit“, a mid album cut from the bands 2020 sophomore album “The Death Of Me” as well as the incredible “Consume” from

Bootleg: “Pray For Rain” and “Vagabond” from Polaris!

Ahead of their September shows upon our shores with Gravemind, Alpha Wolf and Stepson, Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris are on the road in the US. Filmed at The Rock Box on 15th March here are “Pray For Rain” and “Vagabond” to get you warmed up. If you missed it both Jamie Hails and Jake

Review: “No Rest” by Joshua Travis

“I want everything to sound real. To go against the norm. To be loud and noisy and in some cases, not perfect. I’ve got preamps that are just on the verge of feeding back. And, if you listen to the beginning of songs, you can hear static as soon as you hit play. It’s a

Bootleg: “Martyr (Waves)” from Polaris!

September may seem a long way off but it will be here before you know it and when it arrives, so will Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris as they bring Alpha Wolf for a European tour that should have happened 2 years ago. Courtesy of Wall Of Sound journalist Paul “Browny” Brown here’s footage of

Playthrough: “Landmine” from Polaris!

Gearing themselves up for shows upon our shores in September with Alpha Wolf, Gravemind and Stepson, Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris have returned to their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” for a drum playthrough video for “Landmine“. Behind the kit is Daniel Furnari, making the best out of a rig comprising Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals,

NEWS: Polaris return to Europe in September?

One of the more highly anticipated tour runs that got scrapped in the aftermath of the Global Pandemic situation was the headlining run that would have seen Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris bring their brand of fun to Europe in support of their SharpTone Records album “The Death Of Me“. Two years on, the band