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NEWS: Hedra have Karma to burn?

An acoustic re-imagining of the opening cut of their May released EP “Polaris” is a nice touch from Hedra, the sonic equivalent to a coffee with seventeen sugars that you don’t stir because you didn’t like it sweet. The song of course is “Karma In The Blood“, 10 seconds longer and a more refined than

Bootleg: “Harbinger/Nightmare” from Polaris!

Continuing to march on in the name of their fallen brother Ryan Siew Australian Progressive Metalcore heroes Polaris have a wealth of shows announced around their new album “Fatalism“. March 2024 will see them back upon our shores for five nights that promise to be nothing more than a celebration as this footage of “Harbinger”

NEWS: Polaris to bring Fatalism to the UK March!

Continuing the celebration of the life of their fallen brother and guitarist Ryan Siew, Australian Progressive Metalcore merchants Polaris have announced a HUGE European tour trek for Spring 2024. Taking them in a loop that starts and ends in Denmark, there will be five stops upon our shores in March…

NEWS: Polaris premier third single “Overflow”!

The third pre-release single “Overflow” from the third album “Fatalism” from Australian Progressive Metalcore collective Polaris has surfaced in loving memory of guitarist Ryan Siew. It finds Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Thornhill, Within Destruction) alongside Alpha Wolf guitarist Scott Simpson behind the boards, sharing production and engineering duties with the former mixing and mastering.

NEWS: Polaris soldier on with “Nightmare”!

In the wake of the tragic passing of guitarist Ryan Siew, Australian Progressive Metalcore collective Polaris have announced they will be continuing with their plans in his honour. They’ve shared a second single in “Nightmare” from their upcoming 1st September releasing album “Fatalism” with SharpTone Records handing the distribution.

NEWS: Polaris at Alexandra Palace in September!

Forging ahead with their plans in tribute to their fallen brother and guitarist Ryan Siew, Polaris have been added to a European tour trek for September that will see Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps join forces. SharpTone Records will be unveiling the Australians third album “Fatalism” on 1st September.

NEWS: Polaris go feral with inhumane?

We secretly always knew it was only a matter of time and have once again been proven right as Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit Polaris have announced their third album “Fatalism” will fall from th sky like the plane in Alive on 1st September via SharpTone Records. That news comes with a big budget music video

Bootleg: “Inhumane” from Polaris!

As Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit Polaris celebrate a decade together with a run of shows in their homeland the band have confirmed their future is bright with a brand new cut appearing in the set. Titled “Inhumane” here’s footage from The Triffid in Brisbane on 4th March courtesy of Wall Of Sound. Oh and while

NEWS: Polaris fly close to the sun…

Joining the recent trend for collaborations from bands signed to SharpTone Records, PhaseOne and Polaris have joined forces to create a cut called “Icarus” that fuses Dubstep to Metal like bone to adamantium. Its the first new material from the Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit since their album “The Death Of Me” and finds them in

Bootleg: Polaris at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio!

It’s not Santa Claus who’s coming to town this year but Australian Progressive Metalcore heavyweights Polaris. They’ll be landing upon our shores with Gravemind, Alpha Wolf and Stepson so we can give their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” the respect it deserves having been released immediately prior to two years with no shows. That