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Review: “The Perfect Storm” by Seek The Fallen

To some, a Metalcore trio from St. Neots in Cambridgeshire may seem like an odd concept. Not to David Bartolome, Sam Morritt and Will Morritt, collectively known as Seek The Fallen. Following a series of standalone singles and covers including “O.G Loko” by Of Mice & Men and perhaps surprisingly “Rockstar” by Post Malone, the trio got in

NEWS: Seek The Fallen walk “Through Hell”!

Cambridgeshire Metalcore crew Seek The Fallen have released a single entitled “Through Hell” featuring guest vocals from JT Cavey of Erra via 12th Feet Recordings. The band have dropped a number of punk goes pop style covers of late including works originally by Of Mice & Men and Post Malone

NEWS: Drewsif covers “Rock Star” by Post Malone!

In the Fearless Records offices there is someone who’s laughing hard about the phoneominon they accidentally created with their long running “Punk Goes Pop” series. It started out as just a thing and then evolved into Metal Goes Pop and now everyone who’s anyone has put out a cover in that style. One YouTube search