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Bootleg: Purgatory in Chicago Illinois!

Usually the territory of the Digital Tour Bus cameras, the Cobra Lounge in Chicago Illinois on 5th August found Midwest Street Metal crew Purgatory bringing the Metallic Hardcore from “Lawless To Grave” to the masses. Recorded in only four days at Landmine Studios, it’s an unfiltered look through bloodshot eyes into the darkness and futility

Interview: Despised Icon talk “Déterré” with Heavy New York!

After some digging in their archives Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon will be releasing an EP of five demos from 2004 titled “Déterré” via Nuclear Blast on 28th October ahead of new music in 2023. Guitarist Eric Jarrin spoke to Heavy New York about that new burnt offering, two decades of aggression and the evolution

Review: “Purgatory” by Razoreater

There aren’t many more ferocious, urgent and uncompromising defenders of the UK Grindcore scene than Razoreater who have built that reputation over the past decade by sharing stages and going toe to toe with the likes of likes of Full Of Hell, Abigail Williams and Venom Prison to name but a few. Returning with their

Review: “Lawless To Grave” by Purgatory

Formed in the cold and desolate Midwest in 2011, Purgatory have spent the past decade creating unflinching Metallic Hardcore sound that takes influence from both the Hardcore of  Biohazard and Meruder as well as the Metal of Dying Fetus and Deicide to forge something dubbed as “Midwest Street Metal“. Recorded in only four days at

NEWS: Purgatory premier third single “Loyalty Denied”!

A third single “Loyalty Denied” from the highly anticipated sophomore album “Lawless To Grave” by Midwest Street Metallers Purgatory has landed like the knock out punch from Tyson Fury. Taken from the album out 9th April via Unbeaten Records which was recorded in only four days at Landmine Studios with Len Carmichael and follows hot

NEWS: Purgatory return and no one is getting out alive…

After their well received debut “Cold Side of Reality“, Midwest Hardcore quintet Purgatory have announced their sophomore album “Lawless To Grave” is set for 9th April via Unbeaten Records and have premiered new track “No One Gets Out Alive“. Pulling from influences foundational to their gritty world of Midwest Street Metal including Dying Fetus, Biohazard

Bootleg: Despised Icon in Maryland!

“Guns and knives can hurt physically or even cause your demise, While speech and illustrations can mentally hurt and guide to suicide, The eye of satisfaction disappears to give place to arrogance and discontent” ~ April 2005 saw the sophomore album “The Healing Process” from Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon drop like a granite block

NEWS: Purgatory stack the bodies up…

Midwest Street Metal crew Purgatory, with a sophomore album set for released in the spring of 2021 via Unbeaten Records to follow up their acclaimed debut “Cold Side of Reality” have fired a warning shot in the form of a stand alone single, their second of 2020. Entitled “Stack ‘Em Up“, it kicks off with

Playthrough: “Unbreakable” from Despised Icon!

It has to be said that the sixth album from Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon delivered the goods. All the promise and all the talk before hand had us fearing that “Purgatory” wouldn’t live up the hype but it smashed through that barricade like a hot knife through butter. Drummer Alex “Grind” Pelletier has paid tribute