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The Black Map #138: Force of Mortality from Oxford!

Spending the better part of a year in the shadowy basement practice room (or dingy garage) recording a debut full length after the success of their 2017 EP “Reincarnate The Immortal“, Oxford quartet Force of Mortality had been been trimmed from a quartet to a trio [Christmas gag? Trimming the tree? Too soon? ~ Ed.] 

Exclusive Interview: Force Of Mortality talk “New Dark World”!

Oxford isn’t just the home of a World famous University. A thriving music scene in a multicultural environment and a good number of solid Metal venues makes it a place for bands to grow and a number have risen to prominence. Residents Force Of Mortality spent most of 2019 recording their debut full length album

Review: “New Dark World” by Force Of Mortality

Forged in the furnace that is Oxford in 2016 before releasing their debut EP “Reincarnate The Immortal” independently as a quartet in the spring of 2017, Force of Mortality laid the foundations of what would become their debut album across 5 hard and heavy tracks that had already been part of their live show for