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Documentary: Archspire on Bus Invaders!

Extreme Technical Death Metallers Archspire were without a doubt one of the highlights of this summer’s incarnation of UK Tech-Fest. The bit that you don’t get on the recorded material is the stage presence and hilarious banter from frontman Oliver Rae Aleron. So on today’s episode of Digital Bus Invaders from Digital Tour Bus, here’s

Playthrough: “Remote Tumour Seeker” from Archspire!

Bound for UK Tech-Fest next month are Archspire. Currently signed to Seasons of Mist, their 2018 album “Relentless Mutilation” is a fine piece of work and this 6 string bass playthrough from Jared Smith of “Remote Tumour Seeker” should give you the ability to pick it up. Well, obviously not if you haven’t played bass

Interview: Rig Run Down with Archspire!

Elliott Fullam from Little Punk People caught up with Dean Lamb from Archspire before a show in Brooklyn New York at The Kingsland on 24th May. The Canadian Extreme Technical Death Metal band are playing at UK Tech-Fest this summer. They may even be playing their current album “Relentless Mutilation” in this entirety as they