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Review: “The Grotesque Arena” by Feculent

What happens when a collection of four musicians known for their work in Black, Death and Thrash Metal get together in a rehearsal space and play some Jack Daniels Beer Pong? Ideas are birthed, bonds are forged and the end product is a both a new project and a new record. The project is called

Review: “Death Comes Supreme” by Affliction Vector

Conceived as an introspective exploration by multi instrumentalist Ans in 2018 after the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, he decided to embrace a solo works, forging a path through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame and following a dark path

Review: “The Encompassing Nothing” by Thorn

Weaving elements of Death Metal, Doom, Post-Metal and Grind, the debut release from Phoenix Arizona based one man project Thorn is the ideal soundscape for worshiping pagan gods and making offerings to unknown entities while going feral in schizophrenic madness. As a musician, you may know Thorn as the guitarist from Xeno Ooze and Glitterbomb

Review: “Demo” by Chestcrush

Fusing elements of Black Metal and Sludge into the mix to make something nightmarish and heavy are Chestcrush, an Edinburgh based Blackened Death Metal duo of DM on vocals, and Multi instrumentalist Evan doing guitars, bass, lyrics, programming, mixing and even cover art, in the vein of Vermin Womb, Dragged into Sunlight and Resin Tomb.

Review: “The Sinister Business of Selling Hope” by Exitium Sui

“Over the last year, I had suffered delusions, horrific dreams I could not escape and psychotic episodes due to past traumas I had somehow managed to repress and neglect. The state that I was in, combined with my active reading of postcolonial and post War literature got me thinking about trauma and its lasting effects

Review: “Self Titled” by Resin Tomb

How is it that some musicians can keep their fingers in many pies, spinning the plates of multiple projects simultaneously while keeping each one different and distinctive? For Resin Tomb who feature members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent and Snorlax among others in their ranks, it’s a challenge. Vocalist Matthew Budge, drummer Perry Vedelago and

NEWS: Resin Tomb feel the need for “Penance”?

Formed in 2018 with members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent & Snorlax, Resin Tomb pull’s influence from Dissonant Death Metal to Blackened Grind. An exhibition of torture, deprivation and sewer dwelling hatred, their long germinating self-titled debut EP is set for release on 31st July and showcases the Brisbane scene once again demonstrating their unholy

Review: “II” by Snorlax

Enter Snorlax, the wretched grind-child and one man progeny of Brendan Auld, head of the prolific Black Blood Audio in Brisbane, Australia. Brendan’s vile creativity extends deep into the Brisbane underground, summoning some of the filthiest the Australian East Coast has to offer with current and past work in Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds, Consumed, Dire