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Documentary: Chimaira: Inside The Rehearsal Room 2023 Episode #1!

The man, the myth and the legend that is Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has shared the first of a series of featurettes building up to the the bands reunion and celebration shows around the 20th anniversary of their seminal album “Impossibility of Reason“. Spider Studio in Cleveland Ohio is the location for this one with

Interview: Chimaira talk electronics with Chris Spicuzza!

Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold interviews Chimaira electronics Guru Chris Spicuzza in the latest episode of his Everything You Love series and it might just be us but does he look like Alex Erian from Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon these days? An interview full.of nuggets of knowledge and nostalgia, you’re going to want to grab

Bootleg: “Down Again” from Chimaira!

A bootleg in the traditional sense of the word, Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold shares VHS footage of the Cleveland Ohio bruisers playing single “Down Again” followed by an interview on FUSE TV on 30th June 2003 as the seminal “The Impossibility Of Reason” raised their profile with Roadrunner Records. The album is one that has

Throwback: “Resurrection” from Chimaira!

An album at the centre of the bands career in Groove Metal, it seems unbelievable that  “Resurrection” by Cleveland Ohio bruisers Chimaira has reached its fifteenth anniversary. Released in March March 2007 it was the bands first after exiting their contract with Roadrunner Records, something which the  documentary The Dehumanizing Process had pointed as as

Playthrough: “No Reason To Live” from Chimaira!

Putting the clock back to 2007, Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has unveiled a guitar playthrough video for “No Reason To Live” from the bands fourth studio album “Resurrection“. The record saw the band make the leap from Roadrunner Records to Nuclear Blast with drummer Kevin Talley (now in Delphian) exit stage left to be replaced

Playthrough: “Stigmurder” from Chimaira!

Continuing his run of guitar playthrough videos for the critically acclaimed 2003 album “The Impossibility Of Reason“, Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold has tuned his ESP LTD KH-602 (that’s the Signature Series Kirk Hammett of Metallica model) into drop C (CGCFAD) for a run on “Stigmurder“. The album that put them on the map after the

NEWS: Glamour of the Kill launch “Resurrection”!

Glamour of the Kill made their return to the stage in November for a handful of shows across Europe having announced a new album, cleverly entitled “Resurrection”. The York band completed their return from hiatus in October with the release of the first single from said album “Fire Fight”. Now here’s the title track!

NEWS: Glamour of the Kill in “Fire Fight”!

A string of live shows are on the horizon as is the release of a new album “Resurrection” for York Metallers Glamour of the Kill. To get you warmed up for their imminent return they’ve released new single “Fire Fight”! They also formally announced the departure of founding guitarist Chris Gomerson, who has left the

NEWS: Glamour of the Kill return!

Having been on hiatus since 2015, York Metallers Glamour of the Kill (named after the Iron Maiden song obviously!) have announced their return with their original line-up, a new album entitled “Resurrection” and the promise of a European Tour. For now, a single date has leaked out for the tour – Saturday 3rd November at