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Documentary: Quadra European tour trek highlights with Sepultura!

Having rescheduled their European tour trek with legendary support bands Sacred Reich and Crowbar for October and November, Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura put themselves under a little pressure to perform. The mostly sold out run has been captured in a highlight reel style featurette that sees them go from Copenhagen to Wiesbaden in 13 and

Bootleg: Max & Iggor “Return Beneath Arise” tour!

Filmed at The Underground in Charlotte North Carolina on 19th October here’s Max & Iggor Cavalera continuing their “Return Beneath Arise” tour. The pair who everyone knows founded Brazilian Thrash Gods Sepultura but are no longer in the band and have periodically been touring to celebrate the seminal albums like “Beneath the Remains” (1989) and

Bootleg: Max and Iggor Cavalera “Return To Roots”!

It seems a little strange that a few days after the release of the new Soulfly album “Totem” that  Max and Iggor Cavalera would be in San Paulo Brazil to once again “Return To Roots“. But they were and the full set from 7th August at Audio Club that celebrates 25 years of the record

Playthrough: “Cut-Throat” from Sepultura!

What would have happened if Max Cavalera hasn’t left Sepultura and instead the band has made the first Soulfly record together? Or vice versa and they had made “Against” together? Would there have been as much backlash as there was to the albums separately? A curious if mute point twenty plus years on. Filmed at

Riff Police! Pull Over! #122: Ektomorf Vs Sepultura!

Essentially masterminded by vocalist and guitarist Zoltán Farkas, the soul founding member of a band that has has had a revolving door of musicians over the past 27 years, Ektomorf began life back in 1993 in the small city of Mezőkovácsháza near the Hungarian border with Romania. 16 band members and 14 albums through 7

NEWS: Blessthefall streaming “Cutthroat”!

With new album “Hard Feelings” appearing next Friday, 23rd March via Rise Records, Blessthefall have streamed new song “Cutthroat”. Sadly it’s not a cover of the Sepultura classic of the same name from 1996’s groundbreaking “Roots” but, in our opinion it is the best of those they’ve pre-released…