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Documentary: The History of Guitar with Rob Scallon!

Chicago, Illinois guitarist Rob Scallon, a frequent collaborator with Sarah Longfield, has teamed up with Brandon Acker, to provide us with a documentary about the evolution from the Arabic Oud to the modern Acoustic Guitar. This is really one that belongs on the History Channel, something that children should be taught about in musical history

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Bloodline.

After 1998’s “Diabolus In Musica” received for the most part a luke warm reception amoung Slayer fans and deemed “experimental” at best and “bordering on Nu-Metal” at worst, something needed to change. Three years later, after successful stints on Ozzfest, they regrouped, switching from Rick Rubin to Matt Hyde (Nekrogoblikon, Hatebreed) to engineer, produce and

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Meshuggah!

2008 saw Swedish Extreme Metallers and the Godfathers of DJent Meshuggah come in hot with the ripper of an album that is “obZen“. A partial return that blends the older styles of the band with the newer ones to create a hybrid that is the best of both worlds with elements of Progressive, Thrash, Avant-garde

NEWS: UK Tech-Fest announce second wave of bands and headliners!

After missing their announcement due to a Facebook and Instagram outage, UK Tech-Fest have announced their 2nd wave of bands! The announcement comes with news of a new VIP offering for this year and a couple of interesting exclusives! Liverpool Tech-Metallers Carcer City had announced their final EP “Silent War” and a final tour run,

NEWS: UK Tech-Fest announce first wave of bands for 2019!

UK Tech-Fest have announced their first wave of bands for the 2019 incarnation of the annual festival. Taking place at Newark Showgrounds over the weekend of 4th to 8th July, it’s 4 days of wall to wall Metal! The line-up in full is… Dying FetusMONUMENTSPsycropticJon GommRevocationArchspireBLACK TONGUEPolarisBlack Crown InitiateA Night In TexasSarah LongfieldAdimironPalm ReaderThe OmnificVoices

Bootleg: “Eternal Flight/Quiescent” from Sarah Longfield on Montreal!

Filmed at Club Soda in Montreal Canada on 10th October, here’s fan filmed footage of Shred Prog Melodic Tech Death Synth Core guitarist and producer Sarah Longfield performing “Eternal Flight” and “Quiescent” with her backing band. Currently out on tour with Viscaris and Wintersun, she has new album “Disparity” slated for release on 30th November with pre-orders

NEWS: Sarah Longfield and Rob Scallon cover Slayer!

Sarah Longfield and Rob Scallon once again dropped some serious Ukulele action with a cover of “Bloodline” by Slayer! It’s not the first time the pair have collaborated and it sure as hell won’t be the last! Slayer themselves have extended their final World tour, so there will be a few more opportunities to see

NEWS: Sarah Longfield releases Slayer cover!

Sarah Longfield has dropped a guitar and vocal cover of “Raining Blood” by Slayer. The cover is available over at bandcamp, complete with a full set of stems! Having released a Ukulele cover of “Piece by Piece” also by Slayer a couple of days ago with Rob Scallon, we can safely say she’s a fan! The

NEWS: Sarah Longfield covers The Contortionist!

Genre crossing progressive tech-metal Guitarist Sarah Longfield has added to her growing collection of covers with a stunning version of “Reimagined” by The Contortionist. One of the highlights of last year’s UK Tech-Fest, Sarah Longfield’s current album “Collapse//Expand” is out now via Season of Mist. This song is available over at bandcamp.

NEWS: “Illuminate” by Sarah Longfield!

Taken from her current release “Collapse//Expand” out now via Season of Mist, Sarah Longfield has delivered a progressive tech-metal master class with the official music video for “Illuminate”. One of the highlights of last year’s UK Tech-Fest, the question is… Will she return to the festival this year?