Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Bloodline.

After 1998’s “Diabolus In Musica” received for the most part a luke warm reception amoung Slayer fans and deemed “experimental” at best and “bordering on Nu-Metal” at worst, something needed to change. Three years later, after successful stints on Ozzfest, they regrouped, switching from Rick Rubin to Matt Hyde (Nekrogoblikon, Hatebreed) to engineer, produce and mix and came up with “God Hates Us All“. The record was controversial before anyone had heard it and a slipcase had to be made with an alternative cover to get it sold in the majority of outlets, although that didn’t stop “Disciple” from being nominated for a Grammy.

Slayer had the luxury of being able to try working with Matt Hyde on single “Bloodline” to see if they were happy with his work, as they were asked to record a new song for the Vampire film Dracula 2000. So in the Red Corner with have Italian Melodic Death Metallers JumpScare who dropped their version on a tribute album put together by Grand Sounds Promotions amongst others. In the Blue Corner it has to be the dual Ukulele cover of the song from Sarah Longfield and Rob Scallon, who do it the track wonderful justice in a completely new way and put together an awesome video. Who bleeds? You decide!

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