Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Meshuggah!

2008 saw Swedish Extreme Metallers and the Godfathers of DJent Meshuggah come in hot with the ripper of an album that is “obZen“. A partial return that blends the older styles of the band with the newer ones to create a hybrid that is the best of both worlds with elements of Progressive, Thrash, Avant-garde and Death Metal all in the mix, it was one that gained universal critical acclaim. An edited version of “Bleed” was used as a promotional music video and instantly turned heads…

In the Red Corner we have Sarah Longfield, who is joined by drummer Tony Simone, for a classic instrumental version of the Meshuggah classic. She’s known as much for her Progressive Metal work as anything else and it’s nice to see her letting her hair down for this one. In the Blue Corner we have pianist Sarah Kane, who creates an elegant version of the track with those abstract lyrics from the original. So that’s Sarah Vs Sarah on Vs Tuesday. Who wins? You decide!

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