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Review: Self Titled by BRZASK

Hailing from very heart of the Sudeten mountains and taking influence and inspiration from Sudetian folklore, the cult of “Rubezahl” and Sudetian legends are Polish Blackened Death Metal quintet BRZASK. Mixing and mastering of their self titled EP was done by Andrzej Jagielski, who recorded it with the band; Toer (Vocals), Dod (Guitar), Hoggorm (Guitar), Darlig

Review: “II” by Serpent Omega

After seven long years in the barren wilderness following seven deadly sins, Serpent Omega have returned with a drummer of note in Peter “Fast Feet Pete” Stjärnvind  (Entombed, Nifelheim, Merciless, Unanimated, Murder Squad, VOJD) joining original members Urskogr (vocals), Brief (bass) and Jonsson (guitars) for their first new material since their 2013 debut. Since that album,

Bootleg: “Orog Nuur” from Serpent Omega!

Six years ago Stockholm Sweden based Sludge Black Metal quartet Serpent Omega shared a simple rehearsal recording of a track called “Orog Nuur”. In May it became the first single from their sophomore album “II“, a deceptively simple statement, that builds from a plodding riff that lays the groundwork for magnificent tremolo-picked tribal bridge. Here’s

Interview: Serpent Omega talk “II” with Heavy New York!

Heavy New York spoke to Serpent Omega vocalist Urskogr about the bands second album “II“, which is set for a 4th September appearance with pre-orders available here. The Stockholm, Sweden based Black, Doom, Death Metal quartet were “vomited out of the innards of the Great Serpent in 2011, ever since exploring the beyond side of