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Review: “Take Cover” by Throwdown

Six years after 2014’s “Intolerance“, the last album from Orange County California’s Throwdown made its appearance, a compilation of previously released cover songs has been released via Pit Viper Records. The tracks each have their own story behind them and at each turn there have been a collection of other covers that the band played

Playlist: Raraties from Throwdown… including the original 1998 demo

A celebration of all things Throwdown… 01. Baby Got Back (Sir Mix A Lot Cover) 02. Propaganda (Sepultura Cover) 03. London Dungeon (Misfits Cover) 04. Planets Collide (Crowbar Cover) 05. Becoming (Pantera Cover) 06. Roots Bloody Roots (Live) (Sepultura Cover) in Brazil 07. Burn (Live) Club Tundra 08. Speak The Truth (Live) Club Tundra 09.