Playlist: Raraties from Throwdown… including the original 1998 demo

A celebration of all things Throwdown

01. Baby Got Back (Sir Mix A Lot Cover)
02. Propaganda (Sepultura Cover)
03. London Dungeon (Misfits Cover)
04. Planets Collide (Crowbar Cover)
05. Becoming (Pantera Cover)
06. Roots Bloody Roots (Live) (Sepultura Cover) in Brazil
07. Burn (Live) Club Tundra
08. Speak The Truth (Live) Club Tundra
09. Raise Your Fist (Live) Hellfest 2002
10. Nothing Left (Live) Sounds of the Underground 2005
11. Slip (1998 Demo)
12. I Will Stand (1998 Demo)
13. Box Your Face In (1998 Demo)
14. Get Sick (1998 Demo)

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