Playlist: American Head Charge “Demos & Rare Songs” from 2006

In celibration of the fact that American Head Charge are going to be back on tour in the UK this month, here is a playlist “Demos & Rare Songs” an official unreleased complication from 2006. The band themselves released the songs in January 2017 for streaming. You many notice elements of these songs re-worked into the bands other later released material.

01. Tighten The Line (Unreleased Demo)
02. Smiles And Pretenses (Long Version) (Unreleased Demo)
03. Smiles And Pretenses (Short Version) (Unreleased Demo)
04. I’m Not Dead Yet (Unreleased Demo)
05. A Violent Reaction (2002 Demo)
06. Dirty (Instrumental Version)
07. Irresponsible Hate Anthem (Extended Version) (Marilyn Manson Cover)
08. Pourn (Unreleased Live track)
09. 17 (Unreleased Demo)
10. Only Way Out  (Unreleased Demo)
11. Filth Pig (Ministry Cover)
12. Seemless (Live 2001)
13. Reach And Touch (Live 2001)
14. Real Life (from the “Just So You Know” EP)
15. Soft (Unreleased Demo)
16. Run Away From Me (Unreleased Demo)
17. All Too Comfortable (Unreleased Demo)
18. One Big Female Neurosis (Unreleased Demo)

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