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Review: “The Misery Sessions” by VileGloom

One of those bands who are seemingly shrouded in mystery simply because they let their music do the talking, VileGloom have been on our radar as a growing concern since their 2019’s debut EP “Distrust” saw them announce themselves as Downtempo Nu-Deathcore heavy hitters. At that time, the group consisted of vocalist Julien Johnson, guitarist

NEWS: VileGloom swing for the fence!

“A worthless man that’s all I am and all I’ll ever be. Why stay alive there is no reason as far as I can see. Voice in my head keeps on begging for sweet release. Death is my only friend and he wants to hang with me”

NEWS: VileGloom prepare for self titled album!

Oregon born and raised, playing Downtempo Deathcore is how they spend most of their dayz and VileGloom have announced a self titled album for 2023 with new single “Used & Abandoned“. Before the new album drops they will be treading the boards with Fox Lake, Carcosa and Distinguisher in Portland supporting headliners Within Destruction in

Bootleg: “Living Hell” from VileGloom!

Portland Oregon based Downtempo Deathcore collective VileGloom were perhaps something of a surprise choice for tour support for Attila but new EP “Suicidal Ideation” which is out now via Blood Blast Distribution, the imprint label of Nuclear Blast has been well received as a dark and punishing a listen with staccato riffs and odd time signatures.