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Review: “Labyrinth Of Anguish” by Tenebrific

A fresh studio project painting in Blackened Death Metal from the backwoods of Australia, Tenebrific is the brainchild of collaborators Adam Martin (Golgothan Remains, Sarcophagum) and Cris Bassan (Decrepid). Described as a glimpse into the abyss of existential despair, inviting listeners to confront their own inner demons and navigate the labyrinth of anguish, the duo offer

NEWS: Tenebrific find themselves chasing shadows?

The brainchild of  Adam Martin (Golgothan Remains, Sarcophagum) and Cris Bassan (Decrepid), Australian Blackened Death Metal project Tenebrific have prepared a feast for the senses in debut EP “Labyrinth of Anguish“. For the record the pair are joined by a trio of guests with guitar leads provided by Peter Bursky (Sumeru, Brilliant Emperor) and Jay Dawkins (Ex-Repugnant

Review: “Pitchfork Justice” by Shatter Brain

There are a few areas of the World that we lovingly refer to as hotbeds of Metal talent, one of which is Australia. Adelaide in South Australia is home to Shatter Brain, a band with a big reputation and not that much music to show for it. Tom Santamaria (Vocals), Matt Disisto (Guitar), Jack Hartley