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Bootleg: Taproot in Toronto!

Filmed at The Docks in Toronto Canada on The Second stage of Ozzfest on 24th July 2001, here’s a full set from Taproot. A twin camera mix from the barricade, it includes singles “Smile” and “Poem” from an event that also saw Hatebreed, Mudvayne and Nonpoint also take the stage and comes courtesy of Liberated

Bootleg: Taproot in Kentucky!

The name of Taproot will always be associated with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and that infamous answer phone message that leaked via Napster. They did however make some good music including their major label debut “Gift” with some early Deftones esq riffs. This full set from 1999 sees the band playing material from “Something

Throwback: “Smile” by Taproot!

Last week Kerrang Magazine published an interesting article on “The 13 Most Nu-Metal Moments Of All Time“. It’s a decent read and something of a nostalgia trip down the yellow brick road otherwise known as memory lane with as you’d expect mentions of KoRn and Limp Bizkit but also a resurgent Evanescence and of course