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NEWS: Taylor Dory Trio cover “Limo Wreck” by Soundgarden!

Taylor Dory Trio have paid tribute to the late great Chris Cornell with a cover of “Limo Wreck” by Soundgarden. Having originally performed the track live when opening for Black Pussy at the Rendezvous in Edmonton Canada, they’ve done it justice by recording parts at home before guitarist and vocalist Tylor Dory mixed and mastered

NEWS: Taylor Dory Trio get lost “East Of Eden”!

Sometimes it just takes longer than anyone could have anticipated to get something done. 2015 saw the debut EP from the Tylor Dory Trio and since in recording their full debut “Unsought Salvation“, they’ve taken years. For the first single off the album, ‘East of Eden’, the trio have put together a video featuring their adventures in