NEWS: Taylor Dory Trio get lost “East Of Eden”!

Sometimes it just takes longer than anyone could have anticipated to get something done. 2015 saw the debut EP from the Tylor Dory Trio and since in recording their full debut “Unsought Salvation“, they’ve taken years. For the first single off the album, East of Eden’the trio have put together a video featuring their adventures in Norway where the full length’s bass, drums, and guitars were recorded with Christer Cederberg at Cederberg Studios in Kristiansand in 2017. Vocals and synth were recorded in their hometown of Edmonton at The Laboradory.

Taylor Dory Trio explain the connection between the new album and predecessor “Carried Away”: “The album should serve as a valid continuation from ‘Carried Away’ alongside spiritual ties to the first EP. ‘Carried Away’ was tonally quite dark, we feel that ‘Unsought Salvation’ is a more balanced presentation featuring some upbeat tracks alongside darker and heavier tracks that you may have come to expect from listening to ‘Carried Away’.”

When asked about the themes of the single: “It’s’ our leading single and one of the most accessible and hooky songs on the album. I love how the chorus evolves in this song, getting bigger and bolder each time. A song about betrayal, we feel that East of Eden matches the fire of the lyrics while staying refined musically. Also, the only song, other than the acoustic tracks, recorded on six-string guitars as opposed to eights.”

“Unsought Salvation” will appear on 21st December with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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