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Review: “The Bestiary” by Cyclops Cataract

As the Winter of discontent approached with the World gripped by a Great Plague, five like minded individuals were brought together by unearthly forces plot the downfall of man as Cyclops Cataract. They started with  “Swallow The World” that aligns the planets of Death and Black Metal to create a eclipse that shrouds the planet

NEWS: Cyclops Cataract sign to Planet K for “The Bestiary”!

The pungent smell of rotting flesh in the air as a Bestiary, a collection of different beastly creatures roam free in the North of Scotland as the Black Metal collective known simply as Cyclops Cataract have inked a deal with Planet K Records (Kneel, Hadal, Devistating Light) for their debut album “The Bestiary“. A concept record with