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Review: “Defying Extinction” EP by The Great Lie

Back for round #3 and recording with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), Long Island New York Hardcore Punks The Great Lie simply don’t know when to quit. A band comprised of scene veterans who you might think didn’t have much left to say but who instead have a raw intensity and punk energy second to

Birthday Give Away! Free Sh*t! Binge & Purge! Day #1

It’s birthday season here at Metal Noise – not of the site itself, which will be 2 years old in August, but of some of it’s collaborators. To celebrate, this week we’re giving away digital copies of a trio of EP’s we’ve reviewed so far in 2019 – “Q1” by Mind Power, “Back To The

“All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” EP by The Great Lie

Released in July 2018, “All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” by The Great Lie is an EP from a band that should need no introductions. After all, in drummer John LaFatta (Madball, Neglect, Mind Over Matter) the band features a true Hardcore Punk legend. The group is rounded out by former Mind Over Matter bassist, Scott Martin and