“All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” EP by The Great Lie

Released in July 2018, “All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” by The Great Lie is an EP from a band that should need no introductions. After all, in drummer John LaFatta (Madball, Neglect, Mind Over Matter) the band features a true Hardcore Punk legend. The group is rounded out by former Mind Over Matter bassist, Scott Martin and guitarist Mike Scarola having been originally formed in Long Island New York by vocalist Kerry Merkle and guitarist Gerry Giacalone.

At just 100 seconds “Boston Jugular” gets things going with a straight to the point piece of Hardcore Punk that sees frontman Kerry Merkle refusing to pause for breath during some “I”, “You” and “We” vocals before a tasteful breakdown section that gets the message across. It’s a statement piece that works very well as it’s catchy, memorable and energetic. If you’re not singing along by the second spin of this EP, then you need to get yourself another beer. “Progression Aggression” continues the vibe and introduces more of the part gang chant vocals that appeared in the opener. Scott Martin’s bassline on this is exposed in a couple of places and bounce it gives is great. “Lie Where You Stand” is the longest cut on the EP by a long way at just 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Merkle has a classic Hardcore Punk vocal style but opts to keep the delivery slower over the faster riffs giving the band a point of difference which is more pronounced on this longer track. This one offers more variety in the overall sound, starting off with some classic Hardcore Punk riffs before a couple of more Black Sabbath inspired sections of slower riffage that build back into the bands core sound.

“Closer to the Grave” is a more frantic and frenetic cut that blasts through at 8 seconds short of 2 minutes that is both lyrically socially aware and contains mild references to Mental Health. It’s a powerful, driven piece that brings to mind the classic era of the bands sound with modern production. Some of the credit for that should perhaps go to Tim O’Connor who recorded the EP with the band at Recorded at Silver Lane Studio. “Do More, Say Less” points the finger of protest in classic anarchist punk style at pretty much every politician who’s out there. Stop talking, get doing. Actions speak louder than words. It’s an easily chant-able anthem that brings things home with the kind of energy that needs to be injected into the people who should know better. The Great Lie aren’t out to break any form of mould or create a new foundation. This isn’t a piece of technical wizardry. It’s Hardcore Punk at it’s best. Easily accessible music that makes it’s point with a swagger that deserves peoples attention while putting the World to rights. And that, is what makes it good! [7/10]

Track list

1. Boston Jugular
2. Progression Aggression
3. Lie Where You Stand
4. Closer to the Grave
5. Do More, Say Less

“All Roads Lead to Where You Stand” by The Great Lie is out now and available via bandcamp.

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