Review: “Chapters” by Thy Enemy

A Metal six piece from the backwoods of Maine that takes influence from classic Thrash, Hardcore and Deathcore, “Chapters” is the debut EP from Thy Enemy, named as such due to the comings and goings of various members of the band in and out of the group since their inception in 2018. Comprised of seasoned musicians from the local scene they formed at Not Whole Studios which also serves as a venue and each line up change led to a minor style shift as each member put their own stamp on the material. Recording with producer Evan Sammons (Kaonashi, Myth of I, Last Chance to Reason) the band now comprises Bronson Bateman Sr. (Guitar), Alan Tydlacka (Bass), Gary Porter (Drums), Jordan Babcock (Vocals), Korey Brown (Vocals) and Jonathan Condon (Lead Guitar), Brown and Condon both being former members of The Struggle Within.

Raw production and mixing gives “Chapters” that recorded live in the studio feel which gives it a certain charm, its hard to tell whether the guitar mix is purposefully muddy or not but it certainly gives the band a wall of noise sound for this EP. From the start of “Vacant Eyes” the rumbling bass sounds fuzzy and dirty underneath a barrage of kit work and groove guitar work that sits between Metallic Hardcore and Deathcore in style. The vocals are caustic from the double headed dragon that fronts this Thy Enemy and together they create a nauseating nursery rhyme of black acid bile to introduce themselves with. As with the opening cut “Crushing Weight” is a brute of a track that gallops along at pace with clanky bass and raw guitars which could use a better mix to get the best out of it however, “And Then It All Went Black” suffers this issue far less. A bulldozer of a track it reminds of bands like DowntheSun or Gizmanchi while being loaded with jackhammer footwork and the ranted vocals of a schizophrenically unhinged nightmare. The bleak and twisted “Call of the Void” talks of a time when you feel like you’re better off dead but instead of being a meloncholic affair, it batters and bruises, roaring with catharsis and calling all to the pit [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Vacant Eyes
  2. Crushing Weight
  3. And Then It All Went Black
  4. Call of the Void

Chapters” by Thy Enemy is out now

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