Review: “Suffocate The Wake” EP by Lost In The Current

Produced by CJ Rayson and with cover artwork by Blas Art, Lost In The Current dropped their debut EP “Suffocate The Wake” on 31st December 2019, the day before we were anticipating a few 1st January turn of the year surprise supply drops to parachute down from the sky. Bringing the heat of Northwest Indiana Deathcore to our ears since their formation in 2018, vocalist Steve Beseke, drummer Mark Bradford, bassist Tommy Moore and guitarist Donnie Macciaro cite influences from Slam, Hardcore and Death Metal walks of life. So this should be brewtal!

If you were expecting anything more than 40 seconds of build up before the demonically evil call “We are all lost in the current!” from Beseke during the intro cut, we have no idea what you were thinking… Apple tastes great? Sure. “Sweet Deceiver” has been around since July as a single and is a battery of Emmure inspired riffs, chugs and plays on silence. There are a few Classic Rock moments in the guitar work which also appear on the intro cut that you might not be expecting but the after multiple listens they make for a break from the squeals and crush factor. Moore has a neat bass bleed through segment and the powerhouse Death Metal ending loaded with eerie tension is the formula that they should build on because it’s a killer moment. A powerful gutteral roar from Beseke opens the gallop of “Empty Hands Closed Fists” before he introduces some Deathcore stylings that reach out and touch the void to Slam with his unclean vocal onslaught.

Beseke’s throat is the heaviest instrument on this debut from Lost In The Current, make no mistake. The guitar tone is heavy but the band have chosen tone that isn’t the anvil of brutality it could have been. That’s not a criticism, having that contrast means the band aren’t delivering slabs of bludgeoning noise and instead have a more craft in their creations. “Blank Check” was the single on the day before the release to get your attention and it certainly ours. A tension loaded lead flourish and Deathcore groove riff are highlights that could belong to Lamb of God in places. Slowing things down to the border of Downtempo groove as the track closes allows those vocals a little bit more space to make an impact. “Mind Over Malice” spits and splutters squeals and riffs with that consistently headbangability that we all want while Beseke reaches new vocal lows that have to be heard to be believed. A tale of the good deeds of the few being destroyed by the actions of the many, it’s as thought provoking as it is heavy [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Sweet Deceiver
  3. Empty Hands Closed Fists
  4. Blank Check
  5. Mind Over Malice

Suffocate The Wake” by Lost In The Current is out now and available over at bandcamp.


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