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NEWS: Lost in the Current return to “Lurid Visions”!

Four months after the sophomore EP “Lurid Visions” from Northwest Indiana Deathcore collective Lost in the Current dropped the band have used the skills of Kevin Lynch of Stringz Media to direct, film and edit a music video for “Pharmaceutikill” from it. They’ve announced their participation in a co-headlining run of shows with Beatdown label

Review: “Lurid Visions” by Lost In The Current

It may feel like the sophomore EP “Lurid Visions” from Chicago Illinois Lost In The Current has been a long time coming as the follow up to their well received 2019 debut “Suffocate The Wake“, but our eyes may have been deceived as the band shared live footage of a trio of the new cuts

NEWS: Lost In The Current share third new cut “Oppressors”!

The hype around the 1st October dropping EP “Lurid Visions” from Lost In The Current continues to build as the Lake Virginia Indiana Deathcore brutes follow live performances of new cut “The Clearing” and previous single “Malignant” with another new one titled “Oppressors” landing like a knock out blow via the infamous Slam Worldwide YouTube

Bootleg: “The Clearing” from Lost In The Current!

Filmed on 10th July at Magoo’s Bar in Bedford Park Illinois, Lost In The Current have shared a live performance of their latest single and vicious little ditty “The Clearing“. The cut will appear on the as yet undated Deathcore collectives sophomore EP “Lurid Visions“, the follow up to December 2019’s well received “Suffocate The

NEWS: Lost In The Current are found!

For a while it looked as though Lake Village Indiana (Jones) Deathcore collective Lost In The Current had suffocated at the wake so their return three years down the track with a blistering new single in “The Clearing” is a welcome one. Biding their time, the quartet have clearly been influenced by the early works

Bootleg: “Pharmaceutikill” from Lost In The Current!

Filmed at Digital Tour Bus’s favourite hang out, The Forge in Joliet Illinois on 15th February 2020, here’s the Deathcore Groove Metal of “Pharmaceutikill” from Lost In The Current. They delivered the goods with EP “Suffocate The Wake” on 31st December 2019, which we love so much we reviewed it. So if you like this,

Bootleg: Lost In The Current in Indiana!

Earlier this week we reviewed debut EP “Suffocate the Wake” from Northwest Indiana Deathcore quartet Lost in the Current after hearing their brutal pre-release single “Blank Check” and it’s a fine way to start 2020 if you haven’t already heard it. Five weeks before the EP drop, performing “Mind over Malice” and “Blank Check” at

Review: “Suffocate The Wake” EP by Lost In The Current

Produced by CJ Rayson and with cover artwork by Blas Art, Lost In The Current dropped their debut EP “Suffocate The Wake” on 31st December 2019, the day before we were anticipating a few 1st January turn of the year surprise supply drops to parachute down from the sky. Bringing the heat of Northwest Indiana

NEWS: Lost In The Current will accept any blank cheque!

Bringing the heat of Northwest Indiana Deathcore to our ears since their formation in 2018, today marked the release of “Suffocate The Wake” by Lost In The Current. To get your ear drums bleeding, they shared a lyric video for “Blank Check” from the EP via Chugcore Promotions and as you might expect, it’s as