Review: “Defying Extinction” EP by The Great Lie

Back for round #3 and recording with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), Long Island New York Hardcore Punks The Great Lie simply don’t know when to quit. A band comprised of scene veterans who you might think didn’t have much left to say but who instead have a raw intensity and punk energy second to none. In drummer John LaFatta (Madball, Neglect, Mind Over Matter) the band features a true Hardcore Punk legend, while former Mind Over Matter bassist Scott Martin and guitarist Mike Scarola are joined by vocalist Kerry Merkle and guitarist Gerry Giacalone.

Capturing their live sound perfectly with “A Game of Horseshoes“, which sounds raw, bathed in feedback with a menacing introduction almost tribal percussive sounds before leaping headlong into Hardcore Punk traffic, Merkle produces a vocal we haven’t heard before as he mimics the dearly departed Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame for a couple of brief bursts. Opening up the throttle with a fist pumping anthem in “This Is Bulls****” which has that simple, addictive and all important message is a hilarious piece of class that will go down well live after a few beers and will perhaps bring the house down on a night. The short sharp shock that is “Boiling Point” has something of the attitude of Sick Of It All about it with a gritty integrity and socially aware lyric that delivers the message in slick style with a some more expansive parts in neat little bursts. Breakneck biker bar anthem “Devilbox” has a crossover edge to it with a bass heavy sound that rages through like a tornado, smashing all the beer bottles on the ground on its way past with nods at the likes of Earth Crisis on the way. “Island, My Island” is an ode to Long Island New York, the place the band call home with pause break riffs and a spoken word with a frenetic, frantic energy to it that gives it a freedom like an impromptu jam session, while having the deadly accuracy of a sniper when it comes to precision. Name checking their sophomore EP “All Roads Lead To Where You Stand” with closer “The New Reich” is an interesting move and it points the finger and asks the question in a way which music does when nothing else seems to be able, without getting sued. You’re never too old to be a punk, it’s all about attitude and when something ain’t right, someone’s got to call it [8/10]

Track listing

  1. A Game of Horseshoes
  2. This is Bulls***
  3. Boiling Point
  4. Devilbox
  5. Island, My Island
  6. The New Reich

Defying Extinction” by The Great Lie is out now and available over at bandcamp

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