Birthday Give Away! Free Sh*t! Binge & Purge! Day #1

It’s birthday season here at Metal Noise – not of the site itself, which will be 2 years old in August, but of some of it’s collaborators. To celebrate, this week we’re giving away digital copies of a trio of EP’s we’ve reviewed so far in 2019 – “Q1” by Mind Power, “Back To The Green Zone” by Road Mutant and “All Roads Lead To Where You Stand” by The Great Lie! To enter, all you have to do is drop an email with “Birthday Give Away 2019” in the subject line to and specify which EP you’d like in the email itself! In return, we’ll fire over the gift from bandcamp. The lucky trio of winners, picked at random, will of course get named and shamed on the “Give Aways” page! Entries will be accepted from now until midnight on 18th January, with 3 lucky winners picked at random receiving their winnings on the 19th. Simple as that. Generous bastards, ain’t we?!

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