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NEWS: Null Existence tag team in Ingested frontman Jason Evans for new single!

Having opened our eyes with “The Gehenna Complex” in the summer of 2021 the next chapter of Washington two piece Deathcore fundamentalists Null Existence reads “Ulcerated Hymns” and finds Jason Evans of Ingested fame adding a fierce guest vocal appearance. Multi instrumentalist Joey Hancock and vocalist Gryffyn Jernigan also had a little help from their

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Dig!

What are the chances of Mudvayne reuniting and returning to the stage in 2020 with August marking the 20th Anniversary of their seminal debut album “L.D. 50”? When you have the now Hellyeah frontman Chad Gray making comments like these anything is possible. Especially when his guitarist and former Nothingface man Tom Maxwell says that