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Review: “II: The Heretic” by Vanguardian

A concept record in which the protagonist fights to fix his mistakes but ends up completing a self fulfilling prophecy, “The Heretic” is a tale from Finnish Metal act Vanguardian that questions for grandiose delusions of humanity. Wanting to honour the Old School recordings of the the bands they listened to when they grew up, the

NEWS: Vanguardian share second single “The Collider”!

The second chapter from an as yet (officially) untitled an undated EP from Jyväskylä Finland based Metallers Vanguardian has been unveiled in “The Collider” which follows “The Witchhammer” out from Hells gate and follows a narrative around mankind’s reckless drive to bend technology to mankind’s will without a thought to its possible consequences. Produced by

NEWS: Vanguardian go analog with “Back to Stone Age”!

While it remains undated and untitled Jyväskylä Finland based Metal band Vanguardian have released the first single “Back to Stone Age” from a new EP, recorded and produced by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom) with the assistance of bassist Sakari Soisalo. In doing so Vanguardian took a leap to the unknown, throwing away their prejudices,