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Review: “Dankosaurus” by Hunt The Dinosaur

It’s been a glacial wait but the debut full length album from Dallas Texas Progressive Deathcore band Hunt The Dinosaur is finally here! When we say that it’s been an ice age, it’s been 5 long years since their self titled debut EP, though to be fair, having started out as pretty much a solo project

NEWS: “A Demon In Me” from Violent!

If you’re a fan of Downtempo Deathcore grooves and like your Traitors, Bodysnatcher and Black Tongue then check out Edinburgh’s award winning Violent! They’re joined by Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason for this new cut entitled “A Demon In Me”. Like the new Employed To Serve album, this one comes with a serious crush

The Black Map #56: Lashing Out from Aberdeen!

You thought that Party Cannon would be the heaviest band to feature on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene? You thought wrong! Labelling themselves as Wigger $lamming Beatdown and putting themselves into the same category of Northern Heavy as Osiah and Ingested are the heaviest band to grace these pages! Hailing from

Review: “Desolation” EP by Portals

Bloomington Illinois quartet Portals have been around for 5 years now with their debut “The Empty” appearing in 2015. The group, who feature vocalist Aris Hess, guitarist James McHenry, drummer Bill Kaszubowski and bassist Scott McGinnis have their guitarist to thank for Mixing and Mastering this sophomore effort “Desolation” and bassist for re-amping the guitars. A

Documentary: NWO Tour with VCTMS!

Meredith Henderson, Matthew Jackson and Eduardo Ruiz have out together this mini tour documentary for the recent “NWO Tour” that saw VCTMS, Traitors, Angelmaker and The Last Ten Seconds of Life share stages across the US. VCTMS new album “Halfway Happy” is out now.

NEWS: Misstiq remixes Traitors!

Taking “Intro” from the new Traitors album “Repent” and adding her own synth spin, Deathcore Queen Misstiq continues her jam series in her very own “Too Slam To Give A Damn” style.

NEWS: Beyond Deviation locked down for a “Death Sentence”!

Following a pair of EPs in “White Noise” and “The Plague King”, Gatineau Quebec Canadain Downtempo Deathcore crew Beyond Deviation will be releasing their debut full length album “Dark Passenger” on 9th April! 3rd single “Death Sentence” is without a doubt for fans of Traitors and Betrayer (US)!

NEWS: The Stygian Complex confess to a “Dead Mind”!

If you haven’t heard the self titled debut from The Stygian Complex then it’s one we highly recommended in our review. The Lexington North Carolina Deathcore crew had Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited on board to record, mix and master the release, as he had been for the past pair of Traitors albums while Albert Franco

Review: “Repent” by Traitors

373 days. That’s 12 months and 8 days. That’s how long it’s been since the highly influential Tampa Florida natives Traitors dropped their last album “Anger Issues”. Having laid the band to rest with a farewell tour and then announced their return just 5 months later, the smart money seemed to be on the band