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NEWS: Deadbody have a temper…

“The idea of the album is the death and mourning of not only an era, but the ego. Regardless of your output, status, goals, failures, or otherwise, the last thing you do is rot or burn. You can’t take any of it with you, so there’s no point in getting hung up on petty details.

Playthrough: Full set from Twitching Tongues!

Another one courtesy of Sean Pitcam at Outbreak Fest at Leeds Canal Mills on 17th June 2018 sees dedicated drum cam footage of Cayle Sain from Los Angeles Californian Metallers Twitching Tongues. The run that brought them to the show was in support of their Metal Blade Records released album “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred”

Review: “Thin The Herd” by Mark My Way

Forming in Ypres, Belgium in 2012 Metallic Hardcore act Mark My Way (drummer Gillian Coussens, bassist Rutger Vermeulen, vocalist Lennart Breine, guitarists Lennert De Clercq and Niek Van de Capelle) have had a busy eight years. A choice with a decent number of bands, they wrapped up their EP collection in 2012’s “Break The Grip“, 2014’s “Save

Bootleg: Constrict at Chain Reaction!

A Metallic Hardcore group comprised of members from Vamachara, Forced Order, God’s Hate, Disgrace, Downpresser, Momentum, Forced Order and Twitching Tongues going by the name Constrict will be dropping their Sophomore EP “No Eden” via Flatspot Records on 20th March. If you like your 90s Hardcore with Black Metal anti-religious death-fascination lyrical content then look

Review: “No Eden” EP by Constrict

The term “super-group” is thrown around a lot to describe bands comprised of musicians that you know and love when it comes to Metal. Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles California, a Metallic Hardcore group comprised of members from Vamachara, Forced Order, God’s Hate, Disgrace, Downpresser, Momentum, Forced Order,Twitching Tongues (among others) going by the

Bootleg: Merauder in Kawasaki Japan!

Brooklyn New York Hardcore crew Merauder may have just a single original member in the band but in frontman Jorge Rosado they have someone who knows what time it is. If you want to talk about influence, they’ve been covered by Hatebreed, Heaven Shall Burn, God Forbid and even Twitching Tongues. Pro-Shot on 21th September on

Bootleg: Twitching Tongues in Philadelphia!

Pro-Shot at This Is Hardcore on 29th July 2018 at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, here’s a full set from Twitching Tongues! They seem to have gone quiet since the end of the tour cycle for “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” so here’s hoping for something from them real soon!

Bootleg: Twitching Tongues at LDB Fest!

Pro-Shot by 197 Media at LDB Fest in Louisville Kentucky here’s a full set from Twitching Tongues! Their longest title in the record labels catalogue “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred” is out now via Metal Blade Records. In October the Los Angeles California quintet started to stream a series of demos including “Asylum Ave”.

Bootleg: Twitching Tongues at Toxic Toast Records!

Another full set from For The Children Festival 2018 belongs to Twitching Tongues. Pro-Shot in High Definition at Toxic Toast Records in Long Beach California on 14th December, this one sees the band at their best… Live! They dropped the ambitious “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatered” via Metal Blade earlier in 2018.

Playthrough: “Preacher Man” from Twitching Tongues!

Here’s drum cam footage of Twitching Tongues sticksman Cayle Sain performing single “Preacher Man” in Los Angeles, California. The Metallic Hardcore band’s “Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatered” is out now via Metal Blade Records and available over at bandcamp.