Review: “No Eden” EP by Constrict

The term “super-group” is thrown around a lot to describe bands comprised of musicians that you know and love when it comes to Metal. Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles California, a Metallic Hardcore group comprised of members from Vamachara, Forced Order, God’s Hate, Disgrace, Downpresser, Momentum, Forced Order,Twitching Tongues (among others) going by the name Constrict got together with a mission statement. That is to provide genre-flouting heavy music free of the tired tropes that dominate much of today’s art and music while focusing on the anti-religious death-fascination of 90’s Extreme Metal. “crushing, riff-heavy mid-tempo hardcore, and they do it with purpose and ferocity.” is how Steregum described Constrict, based on lead single “Bleed For Me“. Got your attention? “No Eden” is the sophomore EP from the group who previously dropped a 3 track EP “Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies” three years ago…

Taking a sound and re-imagining it is no small undertaking and what Constrict have done is take the lyrical themes of blasphemy against blind faith and put them into a Metallic Hardcore wrapping so what you’re left with is a barked vocal with plenty of bite against the backdrop of the kind of music that has made bands like Earth Crisis and early Hatebreed popular. The mission statement is exactly the opening and title track “No Eden” represents. Continuing along similar lines “Deceiver” doesn’t pull any punches while adding in a gang chant style backup vocal and some odd time signature kit work and unrelenting fury. “Bleed For Me” bites just as hard but has a vocal change up that makes an impact for a verse a around some stubborn chord progressions with momentary breaks that make it perfect pit fodder. A song about confronting what stands in your way no matter what, it’s driven home like nine inch nails into a coffin as the band deliver some of their finest riffs. Soaked in feedback “Scourge” sees vocalist Anthonie Gonzalez, who has played bass in Twitching Tongues and God’s Hate, delivering his finest towering bark and there is a surprise lead moment that comes out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly. 83 second rager “Bliss Of Power” is your archetypal blistering Hardcore track that leaves no stone unturned as it cuts a path like a tornado and that sets up “Mantra” perfectly as the closing stand out moment with some mid tempo riffs that shine. Who could ask for more? This is everything Underground Metallic Hardcore should be [8/10]

Track listing

1. No Eden
2. Deceiver
3. Bleed For Me
4. Scourge
5. Bliss Of Power
6. Mantra

No Eden” by Constrict is out 20th March via Flatspot Records and is avaible for pre-order over at bandcamp


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