Review: “Da Trifecta” by Hold My Own

“As the band continues to grow and evolve, our mission remains the same. Representing hardcore to the grave. This is what this 7″ is about.” ~ Anchit Chhabra, guitars.

Taking their name from a 90’s Hardcore classic from Biohazard, New Jersey and Chicago based Hold My Own have released two EPs and a split with Carried By Six since their 2021 demo dropped, each one a ball of old school energy with a knuckle duster of modern fury. Recorded and mixed by regular co-conspirator Andy Nelson (200 Stab Wounds, Full Of Hell, Harms Way) at Bricktop Recordings with main vocal engineered and recorded by Taylor Young (Nails, Incendiary, Drain) at The Pit, this third burnt offering offers an extinction threat level event.

Remember “Losin’ It” by Bury Your Dead? An anthem in the same vein, opening cut “Ready” brings home the bacon with staccato Metallic Hardcore riff breaks and a tasteful pick slide from Anchit Chhabra before slowing down in the second half. A battle cry which finds the band joined by Pelbu of Knuckledust, it offers a cut of two step-able action with a fist clenched attitude of defiance as it gets straight to the point. 71 seconds of pure class, it demonstrates that not only the band but Nelson and Young have the ability to capture the live sound like lightening in a bottle in the studio. “So True To My Own” then brings in vocalist Jem Siow of Australian Hardcore homewreckers Speed and Taylor Young of Disgrace and Twitching Tongues for a creature double feature that doesn’t quite reach the 3 minute mark. Heavily influenced by 90’s Hardcore bands like Biohazard, Bulldoze and Sheer Terror the surprise is a tasteful solo to enhance the pulverising rhythms from bassist Kashish Chhabra and drummer Sergio Mendoza. Make no mistake, there is nothing dated about these tunes and there are parts that border on having the punch of early Metalcore, such is the nature of the beast of a guitar tone put to good use with a sharpened up classic formula. Designed for stage dives and high fives, you can participate in the call backs and gang chants with vocalist Gregory Falchetto or you can get sweaty in the pit without a seconds thought. After two cuts of intense in your face Hardcore about positive mental attitude, a finale in “Slip” that pushes on an introspective lyrical narrative is an interesting twist in the tale. Fortunately the band lose none of their sonic mastery or energy for this one and hammer it out of the park for a home run and a clean sweep. The only complaint about this is that it’s not long enough. Time for an album dudes? [8.5/10]

  1. Ready (ft. Pelbu of Knuckledust)
  2. So True To My Own (ft. Jem Siow of Speed and Taylor Young of Disgrace, Twitching Tongues)
  3. Slip

Da Trifecta” by Hold My Own is out 5th July 2024 via DAZE, Triple B Records and Streets of Hate

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