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NEWS: Borstal look for you to suffer “Karma”!

It might be April Fools Day but there are no fools in Borstal. A brand new UK Hardcore band featuring the talents of Pierre Mendivil (Knuckledust), Nick Barker (Brujeria, ex-Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament) and members of Dripback and King Of Pigs have unveiled a lyric video for “Karma”. It’s one from their highly

Review: “At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” by Borstal

One of the many side effects of the absence of being able to play a live show during the years of the Great Plague that has been 2020 and now early 2021 is that projects that might not have otherwise seen the light of day and remained a twinkling in their creators eyes have come

Bootleg: Knuckledust in Manchester!

Filmed by Lewis Dexter Litanzios at Jilly’s Rockworld in Manchester on 12th December 2005, here’s a full set from London Hardcore legends Knuckledust. The show sees the band playing cuts from their fourth studio album “Unbreakable“, a record which spawned their much loved fans favourite “Burning Fight“.

Bootleg: Knuckledust in Glasgow!

Filmed by Lee Marshall and freshly released by David Tan, here’s a full set from London heroes Knuckledust at Glasgow Barfly. The show took place on 26th September 2004 as the band celebrated 9 years together and the footage even has short play VHS tape text on it. Who could ask for more?

Bootleg: Knuckledust in London!

Pro-shot in multi cam by David Tan, Sean Pitcam and Kathryn McBride at Get Ready Fest at The New Cross Inn in London on 4th October 2019, here’s a full set from London Hardcore legends Knuckledust. That comes complete with dedicated drum cam footage of Ray Bussey (also in Argy Bargy, ex-Deadline, Deny Everything and The Business)

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Philadelphia!

“Killer Beef” by Enemy Mind has to be a contender for one of the EPs of the year. Featuring guest appearances from Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration and Pelbu of Bun Dem Out and Knuckledust fame it’s a Beatdown Hardcore record with a bit of Death Metal spice that everyone can enjoy. Pro-Shot at Underground Arts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on

Review: “Killer Beef” EP by Enemy Mind

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore crew who like a bit of Death Metal known as Enemy Mind are a quintet well honed in the ethos of the street. A pair of albums and now a pair of EPs down the track, this one should be one to solidify their sound. “If you knew you wouldn’t

NEWS: Enemy Mind ask you to “Watch Yourself”!

Featuring guest appearances from Pelbu of Bun Dem Out and Knuckledust and Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration, “Killer Beef” is the upcoming new EP from Enemy Mind. The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore crew who like a bit of Death Metal have pre-orders available over at bandcamp for the 19th April with “Watch Yourself” streaming

NEWS: Strife and Risk It join forces in October!

October will see Los Angeles Californian Hardcore legends Strife joined by Dresden Germany Hardcore crew Risk It for a run of European shows including a pair upon our shores. Ready Fest ’19 is the London show that will see them both share a stage with Knuckledust and Last Wishes among others. 3rd Leeds, Temple of

NEWS: Gassed Up in the Van in March!

Gassed Up have announced 5 shows this month with Londoners Azazel and Chamber of Malice. The shows will see the Beatdown Hardcore quinet playing new material with a steady release of singles since their 2015 EP “Judgement” featuring members of Knuckledust and Clawhammer. with Chamber of Malice 3rd Sheffield, The Mulberry (all dayer) 4th Bolton,