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Playthrough: “Protoplasmic Imprisonment” from Unfathomable Ruination!

Showing off the unquestionable talents of new vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy, London Extreme Metallers Unfathomable Ruination have shared a one take vocal performance of the final track of their 2019 record “Enraged And Unbound“, one called “Protoplasmic Imprisonment“. She will be making her live debut at two shows at the New Cross Inn in London as they

NEWS: Unfathomable Ruination suffer “A Withered Embrace”!

Specialising in eclectic, intricate and downright fierce Technical Death Metal and celebrating a decade of aggression, Unfathomable Ruination have chosen “A Withered Embrace” from their freshly released EP “Decennium Ruinae” for the full red carpet music video treatment. It’s one of three new cuts that are accompanied by a reinvigorated and re-recorded version of fan

Review: “Decennium Ruinae” by Unfathomable Ruination

Over the past decade London Death Metal extremists Unfathomable Ruination have been something of a snake, shedding skin with line-up changes and growing only bigger and stronger as they seek to create their idea of Death Metal perfection. 2019’s “Enraged and Unbound” is a particularly brutal offering with each release thus far, the band have

The Black Map #160: Unfathomable Ruination from London!

Put simply, London Brutal Tech-Death Metal monsters Unfathomable Ruination are about the reign fire from the skies above on civilization with the new EP “Decennium Ruinae” which is due on 28th May via Willowtip Records. It’s a beast of a record from a monster of a band that bring to the Kings table not only a

NEWS: Unfathomable Ruination are “Disciples of Pestilence”!

28th May will see London Technical Death Metal Monsters Unfathomable Ruination celebrating a decade of aggression with a new EP “Decennium Ruinae” via Willowtip Records. Not only featuring three brand new cuts, each one yet again delving into the experimental diversity that they have become renowned for, but also a revitalized and re-recorded version of

NEWS: Unfathomable Ruination mark a decade!

As they celebrate a decade of aggression, London Brutal Technicians of Death Metal Unfathomable Ruination are not only unleashing three brand new tracks, three scriptures written from the perspective of a vile, wretched cult sworn to infect and eliminate anything pure set the scene for a thematic journey into Ruination, each yet again delving into

Review: “Mass Failure” by Scordatura

Over the past fifteen long years Glaswegian Death Metallers Scordatura have thrown six EPs and a trio of full length albums to the baying hounds with the quartet Daryl Boyce (Vocals), Derek Wright (Bass), Owen McKendrick (Guitar) and Tam Moran (Drums) paying more than just homage to their heroes in Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and

NEWS: Unfathomable Ruination “Defy The Architect”!

No sooner have we placed Unfathomable Ruination on our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene than they’ve gone and streamed “Defy The Architect” from their upcoming new album “Enraged & Unbound“! The album drops on 22nd November via Willowtip Records with this track featuring a guest vocal appearance from Julien Truchan from Benighted!

The Black Map 81: Unfathomable Ruination from London!

In 12 days time London Death Metallers Unfathomable Ruination will be unveiling their third studio album “Enraged & Unbound” via Willowtip Records. The album features a pair of high profile guest appearances, first on “Occulta Violentiam” where they’re joined by Sven de Caluwé of Aborted then then on “Defy the Architect” which sees Julien Truchan

NEWS: Aborted & Crytopsy November Tour!

Belgain Death Metallers Aborted have  announced a co-headling run with with their Canadian counterparts Crytopsy in November and December! They will be joined by Manchester Slam heavyweights Ingested and Unfathomable Ruination for the dates as follows… 26th London, The Dome 27th Nottingham, The Loft 28th Dublin, Voodoo Lounge 29th Limerick, Dolan’s Warehouse 30th Glasgow, Audio 1st Manchester,