Review: “Decennium Ruinae” by Unfathomable Ruination

Over the past decade London Death Metal extremists Unfathomable Ruination have been something of a snake, shedding skin with line-up changes and growing only bigger and stronger as they seek to create their idea of Death Metal perfection. 2019’s “Enraged and Unbound” is a particularly brutal offering with each release thus far, the band have changed things up with fresh ideas and lyrical plot twists that are the knife in the back of any betrayer. “Decennium Ruinae” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuel Turbitt at Ritual Studios, with guitarist duo Daniel Herrera and Ross Piazza with vocalist Ben Wright writing three scriptures from the perspective of a vile, wretched cult sworn to infect and eliminate anything pure set the scene for a thematic journey into Ruination as the concept. The group is rounded out by the rhythm section of bassist Jake Law and drummer Doug Anderson but as the band celebrate a decade of brutal aggression, they have also re-recorded a fans favourite in “Suspended in Entropic Dissipation”.

It might seem odd to start a new EP with a re-recorded version of a successful early release before unleashing a trio of brand new cuts but that hasn’t stopped Unfathomable Ruination from doing exactly that and in re-vitalizing and refreshing “Suspended in Entropic Dissipation” with newer production and mixing and mastering techniques, they’ve given it a little more bite and a little more edge while skillfully avoiding the pitfalls others have stumbled into by doing likewise. The solo is as ever a tip of the hat to Slayer guitarist Kerry King while the sheer brutality of the band gives Twitch of the Death Nerve a run for their money. The other problem with putting a fans favourite in front of new tracks is that if those new cuts don’t hold up then the whole thing is going to fall flat. However, this is Unfathomable Ruination, so they aren’t about to let that happen. Each of the new cuts delves into the dark void of depravity and summons forth a demonic presence of experimental diversity while staying true to the bands roots. “A Withered Embrace” is chilling and frantic, the soundscape to a hostage running from a chainsaw wielding villain in the kind of low budget horror film that we all know and love. Wright’s vocals are ear splitting and as the band rip-roar through the track at breakneck pace the rhythm section is as pin point accurate as a laser guided missile strike, while the riffs pack plenty of punch and groove. Returning to the frenetic start of the previous track in its stylings “The Great Contaminator” is an incendiary riff fest that sees both guitarists ending up with blistered fingers as smoke is seen on the horizon from their fretboards, but there is balance and slowing down in the final third (from 100mph to 90mph) is perfectly executed. The melodic opening to “Disciples of Pestilence” may have you doing a double take as to what you’re listening to but it’s short lived as the band return to their usually abrasive tendencies, getting up to full speed by the savage end. What Unfathomable Ruin create is at the extreme end of Death Metal, where the void into Slam begins, the difference being the lyrics are comprehendible but that doesn’t stop this being the most fun knuckleduster to the frontal lobe you’ll experience this side of Texas [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Suspended in Entropic Dissipation
  2. A Withered Embrace
  3. The Great Contaminator
  4. Disciples of Pestilence

Decennium Ruinae” by Unfathomable Ruination is out 28th May via Willowtip Records


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