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Bootleg: “LHHC” from Lionheart!

“Welcome to the west coast, where we at, we at Northern California Welcome to the west coast, what you banging, this is LHHC From the basements, to the stage. Through it all, we stood tall, we made our own way“. Another one from West Coast Hardcore heroes Lionheart and their full set at Summer Breeze

Bootleg: “Lock Jaw” from Lionheart!

From Hackney to the West Coast and another band with a live album out soon are Lionheart. The have their full set from Summer Breeze Festival in Germany in 2019 dropping via new label home Arising Empire on 6th November with merch bundles and vinyl offerings available here. To tempt you into they’ve shared “Lock

Bootleg: “Still Bitter Still Cold” from Lionheart!

Filmed at Summer Breeze Festival in Germany in 2019, West Coast Hardcore heroes Lionheart have dropped a video for “Still Bitter Still Cold“. The track is the first from a live album of the entire show that will on 6th November via their new label home Arising Empire, the follow up to “Valley Of Death“.

Bootleg: Lionheart at Summer Breeze!

The love of Hardcore on the European Mainland and particularly in Germany has always meant that acts like Evergreen Terrace, Deez Nuts and Lionheart have been hugely successful in the region. Lionheart dropped their second album since returning after calling it a night with “Valley Of Death” via Arising Empire back in November and it’s

Bootleg: Lionheart in Germany!

The highly anticipated and long awaited new Lionheart album “Valley Of Death” has been out just over a week via their new label home Arising Empire and with the band in Germany, it’s only fitting that a few new songs should be in their live set. So including “Vultures”, “Burn” and of course their Beastie

Review: “Valley Of Death” by Lionheart

There was a time when the prospect of no more Lionheart was a very real prospect. They were going to call it quits and they played a final show… But it’s a challenge to give up something you love when it’s in your blood. Returning with “Welcome To The West Coast II” which features a

NEWS: Lionheart have plans. When they get out.

We could well find that before too long Lionheart have released a music video for every single song on their new album “Valley Of Death“. It’s out today and to celebrate they’ve dropped a video for “When I Get Out” via new label home Arising Empire. We’re fans of the bands last album “Welcome To

NEWS: Lionheart are “Born Feet First”!

Back on the West Coast for some more Hardcore, “Born Feet First” is the new single from the forthcoming 15th November releasing Arising Empire label debut from Lionheart! “Valley Of Death” is the name of an album that promises much and will need to deliver to better their return album “Welcome To The West Coast

NEWS: Lionheart hit the floor with Stick To Your Guns!

The long awaited and highly anticipated follow up to “Welcome To The West Coast II” from Lionheart will be out on 15th November via Arising Empire. One of two guest vocal appearances on the album entitled “Valley Of Death” has been singled out for a pre-release music video. It comes in the form of “Rock

NEWS: Lionheart burn in the valley of death!

Continuing the storyline from the music video for album title track “Valley Of Death”, chapter two sees “Burn” embrace both Mad Max and the MTV staple “California Love” from 2Pac and Dr Dre. 15th November will see the appearance of the long awaited follow up to “Welcome To The West Coast II” from Lionheart via