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Review: “Vanguards of Misrule” by Defiant

“Vanguards of Misrule celebrates and encompasses everything that Defiant is over the last 17 years of its turbulent existence and shapes the future of the things to come. It is our most focused work yet and a classic example of an EP with a strength of a full length. Definitely our most complex material so far

NEWS: Defiant announce “Vanguards Of Misrule” with the title track!

Including a cover of “Dawnrazor” by the almighty Fields of the Nephilim, Croatian Blackened Death Metallers Defiant have announced they will once again be making their mark with a new EP “Vanguards Of Misrule” set for 26th June. They’ve unveiled the title track for the record, their seventh in all which is dedicated to LG