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Review: “Mors Est Veritas” by Imperathron

“The musical/philosophical doctrine of Imperathron emerges from the intellectual quest to recreate the sound of death and its dark paths, passing under the gray thresholds of stoicism, death and war, with the will to power as the only guiding star in a sky blackened by the existential desolation of modern man. In this unsuccessful but unassailable

Review: “Thrown Into The Abyss” by Vølus

“A newly improved sound has taken hold, evolved yet still dissonant and macabre as ever before, but with a dark progressive twist to the songwriting. This newfound direction has enabled the function; to create audio scapes that fill the mind with a dreadful fleeting embrace. The embrace of what it must feel like to be

NEWS: Vølus premier second single in nine days!

Taking its name from the song written back in 2018 for “The Vermin Speak” demo, Blackened Death Metal solo project Vølus have released a second single in 9 days from a sophomore album “Thrown to the Abyss” set for 11th June via Vargheist Records. “Black Flame of Purification” and “Chronoblast Paradox” are the titles of the

NEWS: Feral Lord take us to their realm..?

The follow-up to 2020 EP “Victorious Hellfire” described as “an examination of the beauty in darkness, the strength in evil, and the purity of corruption” is set to be unveiled by Feral Lord on 28th August via Vargheist Records. The Los Angeles Californian Dissonant Black Metal Duo, who are also members of Acausal Intrusion, have