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NEWS: Time for Incubation with Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell!

Earlier today, Chugcore Promotions premiered a one off project track that sees no less that seven vocalists lend their throats to an instrumental from Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell. Entitled “Incubation“, it sees (in order of appearance) Jack White of Defilement, Dean Kerr Watson of Violent, Luke Franklin and Josh Fordham of The Cleansing,

The Black Map #87: Violent from Edinburgh!

It’s Sunday morning so whether you’re reading this nursing a hangover, eating a cooked breakfast or knitting your latest blanket, we don’t judge. Heading from Detest in Manchester to the heart of Scotland and Edinburgh to check out some Downtempo Deathcore groove, we’ve got something to recommend that  you’ll want to out your hot cup

NEWS: “A Demon In Me” from Violent!

If you’re a fan of Downtempo Deathcore grooves and like your Traitors, Bodysnatcher and Black Tongue then check out Edinburgh’s award winning Violent! They’re joined by Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason for this new cut entitled “A Demon In Me”. Like the new Employed To Serve album, this one comes with a serious crush