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Bootleg: Darkest Hour at Wacken!

2011 saw the last Darkest Hour album with drummer Ryan Parrish and bassist Paul Burnette and with “The Human Romance” the Washington DC Melodic Death Metallers managed to get Animals As Leaders guitarist Tosin Abasi to add a solo to “Terra Solaris“. The World tour that followed saw the band land at Wacken Open Air

Bootleg: Negative Approach at Wacken!

Sporadically touring since reforming in 2006, legendary American Hardcore Punks Negative Approach were among the highlights of Wacken Open Air Festival in 2016. Known for their firey brand of Hardcore with savage and nihilistic lyrics, exuding frustration, pessimism and rage, they took their influences and made them significantly more aggressive as they wrote their own

Bootleg: Equilibrium at Wacken!

Not quite a full set but none the less a trio of tracks, pro-shot from the Pagan Metallers set upon Faster Stage at the thirtieth Wacken Open Air in 2019 sees Equilibrium play “Born to Be Epic“, “Heimat” and the then previously unreleased and not yet performed live “Renegades“. That song is the title track

Bootleg: The Raven Age at Wacken!

Long before 2019’s “Conspiracy” was even a twinkle in their eyes, The Raven Age headed out to Wacken Open Air Festival in 2016 to take their place on the stage inside the Bullhead City Circus. That was the 27th Annual incarnation of the World famous event and saw the band smash five songs including the

Bootleg: Body Count at Wacken!

The welcome return after eight long years of Ice T’s crossover Thrash Metal act Body Count with “Manslaughter” in 2014 was not only a surprise but something that has lead on to a three album streak of success with 2020’s “Carnivore” getting mixed and mastered by Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose). Each

Bootleg: Decapitated at Wacken!

It may have been 8 years ago but sets like this one from Polish Death Metal brutes Decapitated at Wacken in 2012 is what going to a Festival is all about. Including “Mother War“, “Spheres of Madness” and “The Knife“, it celebrates the 2011 album “Carnival Is Forever” with both vicious and polyrhythmic batterings…

Bootleg: Therapy? At Wacken!

Northern Irish Alternative Metal favourites Therapy? Joined the masses for the Wacken World Wide 2020 live stream and threw down a pair of classics on “Knives” and “Screamager” from 1994’s “Troublegum” from the trio’s separate residences on split screen glory. Their “So Much For The 30 Year Plan” European tour trek may have been put

Documentary: Frog Leap Studio album #30!

Multi instrumentalist Leo Moracchioli has spent the last six years releasing Metal cover songs and racked up an incredible 30 albums in doing so. In this latest video he does a studio and shows off his freshly acquired Sitar. No touring this year means Toska guitarist Rabea Massaad can put his feet up, something he’s

Bootleg: Parkway Drive at Wacken!

A trio of pro-shot cuts from Australian Metalcore titans Parkway Drive at Wacken in 2019 sees them headlining one of the World’s biggest Festivals. The tracks here are “The Void“, “Shadow Boxing” and the brilliant “Crushed“. If you missed it, yesterday saw Frenchmen Mark My Way shared their love for Byron Bay’s finest and in

Bootleg: In Flames at Wacken!

Courtesy of Knotfest, here’s (not) a full set from Swedish Metallers In Flames. It seems that the set has been cut to just over and hour, however fortunately it still includes “Cloud Connected“, “Only For The Weak” and “Where The Dead Ships Dwell“. Nuclear Blast announced a 20th Anniversary edition of seminal album “Clayman” yesterday