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Bootleg: Rivers Of Nihil at Audiotree!

Recorded just before the departure of vocalist Jake Dieffenbach in Chicago Illinois on 27th September 2022 this freshly revealed Audiotree session captures Pennsylvanian Progressive Metal act Rivers Of Nihil having driven all night so they didn’t have to miss a show while getting this recorded. That’s dedication to all things Metal.

Bootleg: Rivers Of Nihil in Doornroosje, Nijmegen!

It’s time for a couple of classics courtesy of Inside Knowledge in “The Silent Life” and “The Void From Which No Sound Escapes” from Rivers Of Nihil at Doornroosje, Nijmegen in the Netherlands. A sold out show which took place on 25th November as part of the ongoing Faces Of Death European tour trek with

Documentary: “The Work” from Rivers Of Nihil!

A short film directed by Mike Trueheart, who also helmed the band’s music video for “Clean” and instrumental playthroughs for “More?” and “The Void from Which No Sound Escapes” that documents the creative process of the current album “The Work” from Rivers Of Nihil is the kind of pleasant surprise that you don’t expect almost

Documentary: How We Wrote “The Work” with Rivers Of Nihil!

It might not have as cool a title as “Where Owls Know My Name” but “The Work” fromĀ  American Progressive Metallers Rivers Of Nihil is one of the finer records of 2021. Guitarist Brody Utterly did a feature length documentary with Gear Gods about how their fourth album was created and it’s well worth the

Interview: Rivers Of Nihil talk “The Work” with The Metal Tris!

Continuing their journey down the weird and wonderful yellow brick road of Progressive Technical Death Metal with their last weekend releasing fourth studio album “The Work“, Rivers Of Nihil have outdone themselves after their critically acclaimed “Where Owls Know My Name“. Guitarist Brody Uttley from Rivers Of Nihil took some time out from the bands

Interview: Rivers of Nihil talk “The Work” with KnotFest!

Brody Uttley and Jake Dieffenbach from American Progress Technical Death Metallers Rivers Of Nihil took a break from their The Black Dahlia Murder tour preparations to chat with Alicia Atout from KnotFest. The conversation revolves around their upcoming fourth studio album “The Work“, freaky music videos, using saxophones and weird online comments which given the

Playthrough: “More?” from Rivers of Nihil!

When you hear the title of the last album fromĀ  Rivers of Nihil “Where Owls Know My Name” does it make you think of the Kirstie Alley and Ted Danson starring 80s American TV sitcom Cheers? Just us? Alrighty then. The Progressive Metallers are gearing up for the final push for tbeir upcoming new album

Interview: Rivers of Nihil talk “Work” with Heavy New York!

Heavy New York not only continue to get the A list guests but also do their homework on the relevent upcoming new releases so much respect to them for that. In this latest interview they spoke to Rivers of Nihil vocalist Jake Dieffenbach ahead of the Progressive Technical Death Metallers 17th September via Metal Blade