Playthrough: “The Void From Which No Sound Escapes” from Rivers Of Nihil!

A strong contender for our top #5 albums of 2021 has to be the progressive, aggressive, creative and thought provoking “The Work” from Rivers Of Nihil. A Death Metal record and follow up to the critically acclaimed “Where Owls Know My Name“, it has everything and a bag of chips going on and the band deserve a lot of credit for it. They’ve plucked “The Void From Which No Sound Escapes” from the album for an instrumental playthrough video which is all beards and saxophone…

The video was shot by our good friend Mike Truehart, who also shot the ‘Clean’ music video and the ‘MORE?’ playthrough that we released a few weeks ago,” said guitarist Brody Uttley. “We travelled into the Pocono mountains for a cold weekend in February and shot that series of videos, this being one of them.


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