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NEWS: Sammy SlamDance heads into Space?!

A music video for a brand new cover of “Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf redecorated in Deathcore style by Adam Conran (Guitars, Bass, Drums) and Sam Schneider aka Sammy SlamDance of Abyss Walker fame has surfaced as once again Rap Goes Metal for the duo, this one being teased since late May via

NEWS: Sammy SlamDance turns to Logic?

A new video for “Homicide” by Sammy SlamDance has appeared via Pure Core. Originally released in January 2020, the track is a cover of a cut by Logic featuring Eminem and continues the plethora of Deathcore covers from the prolific Sam Schneider. This one also features a guest appearance from Tyler Quillen.

NEWS: Rap Goes Deathcore with Sammy SlamDance!

The artist formerly known as Rich Chigga, Rich Brian burst out of Indonesia with a hip-hop track “Day $tick” in 2016 and taking the concept of the Fearless Records long playing series “Punk Goes Pop” to Deathcore, Sammy SlamDance is going to be releasing his very own version. Entitled “White People Ruin Everything: Rap Goes