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NEWS: Witherfall suffer insomnia?

The second single from the still five months away “Curse of Autumn” from Witherfall has been one they have chosen to blow the budget on when it comes to the music video. “As I Lie Awake” is the song chosen for the purpose with renowned director Zev Deans (Ghost, Behemoth, Chelsea Wolfe) given the task

NEWS: Witherfall set for the “Curse Of Autumn”!

Witherfall, a band who feature in their ranks members of Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Chon and Necrophagist have announced their next album “Curse Of Autumn” will be surfacing in March 2021. The album art is once again another hand painted masterpiece by the legendary Kristian Wåhlin, the fourth painting in the album series. This news comes with