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Review: “Self Titled” by Wild Beyond

They say that the first bite is often with the eye and in the case of the debut album from Philadelphia nihilistic Blackened Thrash Metal trio Wild Beyond you only need to look at the cover art from the acclaimed Adam Burke (Angel Witch, Eternal Champion, Temple Of Void) to get excited about what it

NEWS: Wild Beyond trace footsteps on Mars!

Another project with roots in the great plague years is Wild Beyond, the Blackened Thrash brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Edward Gonet (Daeva, ex-Infernal Stronghold). The story goes that after five years of not playing he impulse purchased a Randy Rhodes Flying V guitar and started composing and a year later with songs and riffs

Review: “Colour the Soul” by Unbowed

Treading the boards since 2011, Canadian Extreme Metal quintet Unbowed celebrate a decade of destruction with their third album “Colour the Soul” and return to illustrator Marta Sokołowska who created the artwork for 2014’s “Collapse the World” for the artwork for this one 7 years on. Written and recorded by Unbowed at Nomadic Arts Studios

NEWS: Unbowed return in search of a hero?

Featuring guest appearances from Joel Violette (Thrawsunblat, Woods of Ypres), Mathias “Vreth” Lillmåns (Finntroll, And Oceans, Dispyt) and Frederik Jensen (Mother Of All, Plained) Canadian Melodic Blackened Death Metal outfit Unbowed have announced that 20th May will see their third album “Colour the Soul” land on shelves with  artwork by illustrator Marta Sokołowska, who is also