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NEWS: With Locusts And Liars spread the love?

Miami Florida Nu-Metalcore outfit With Locusts And Liars continue to unveil a stream of singles since their 2019 EP “Young Death” that may or may not be part of a full length album that they were working on as far back as 2020. In time for that Valentine’s Day tie in they’ve chosen “Love Charm”

NEWS: The red mist descends for With Locust And Liars!

Miami Nu-Metalcore outfit With Locust And Liars have continued leaving their trail of crumbs that we hope will lead to a gingerbread house in the forest and Hansel and Gretel with new single “Dark Red“. It’s their third single since 2019 sophomore EP “Young Death” with a debut album said to have been in the

NEWS: “XLVI806.01” airs by From Locusts And Liars!

It’s been just over a year since the music video for “Dirt II” from their EP “Young Death” landed but Miami Florida Nu-Hate crew With Locusts And Liars have been working tirelessly behind the scenes and returned with the oddly titled “XLVI806.01” while mentioning deaths attributed to Police brutality. The Roman numerals represent “46” which

NEWS: With Locusts And Liars get dirty!

Shot and edited by Toddi Babu of Noire Media, With Locusts And Liars have picked “Dirt II” as the next single from their current release “Young Death“. The Miami crossover Nu-Metal Hardcore act are promising not only a new record in 2020 but also a new look, so this may be the last we hear

NEWS: “Y.O.T.P” from With Locusts And Liars!

Miami Florida Nu-Hate crew With Locusts And Liars have Returned with the Jedi and a music video for the opening track of their February released EP. Entitled “Young Death” you can snag it over at bandcamp. You might want to check out this video for “Y.O.T.P” first though. Young Orphan Toe Phase? Y’all On The

NEWS: “PRSLTNG” video from With Locusts And Liars!

Miami Nu-Metalcore crew With Locusts And Liars have an as yet date to be confirmed album in the works entitled “Young Death”. In the meantime, they’ve shot a video for new song “PRSLTNG” with Trevor Sweeney to follow up the graffiti laden video for “Krodokdil Khrist” and ask that you learn the words and headbang