Review: Lotus Eater’s 2016 Self-Titled EP

Lotus Eater
Self-Titled EP

Scottish based Lotus Eater arrived on the scene in 2016 contructed from the members of various former projects. Jamie Mclees (Vocals), Douglas Park and Alan Ross (Guitars), Roland Walet (Bass), and Cameron Humphrey (Drums) combine to bring the bands unique crushing sound. Opener “Gloom” sets the tone with dark swirling atmospheric tech-metal tones akin to Loathe, the sweap picking element in the lead guitar is a nice touch. “Crooked” then sets in, adding DJent elements to the mix, the barked unclean vocals and palm muted undertones adding an extra layer. “Kin” adds a layer of extra brutality and ups the pace. After a slow introduction, “Dead To Me” smashes in. Adding the suprise of clean vocals from Drummer Cameron Humphrey to the chorus, which was totally unexpected and the first dive into melody of the recording. The clean vocals are reminesent of those from the likes of Oceans Ate Alaska. “Subvert & Attain” also adds a meloncholy note with subtle buried electronics and keys as well as the continuation of the clean vocals not heard on the opening half of the EP. This is easily the most atmospheric track, show casing the another side of the band without taking away from their signature sound. Closer “Weathered Canvas” also has clean vocal lines but it’s cut glass uncleans are brutal. Lyrically, the EP is an introspective on Jamie Mclees life and broken relationships. There are no booming chrouses or guitar solos here. It’s breakdown piled upon breakdown to devistating effect. Only the afore mentioned clean vocals and buried electronica offer respite from the relentlessness of the crushing guitar tone.

5/5 – Lets see them at UK Tech Fest 2018 with some new material.

For Fans of Loathe, Oceans Ate Alaska, Emmure

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Full EP Stream:

Bootleg: Live in Birmingham in support of Oceans Ate Alaska

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